Quintessence Floral and Event Design is a start-up business formed in 2021 at 7901 4th St N, STE 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA and is operating within the five (5) boroughs of New York City. We provide event design services. We connect with the client(s) to deliver customized event decoration from wall draping, to elaborate backdrops with either balloons or large floral installations, and floral centerpieces. We encourage our clients to dream big, and from there we select our elements to deliver the design and put together the financial requirements for the event. We are dedicated to crafting refined, elegant and truly memorable weddings, big-bash birthdays, private events, and corporate events (for both domestic and international clientele).


Inspired by mythology, Quintessence is the fifth element believed to be the essence of the celestial world. According to Aristotle, the fifth element is the one aimed to bind all the other four (4) elements: wind, water, fire and earth.


We envision Quintessence to be a trendsetter and globally sought-after for luxury events that are tailor-made for each client and their guest list. We aspire to be repeatedly named one of the world’s top floral event design company and be featured in countless reputable publications and speaking engagements. We want to establish ourselves as the “cultural guru” for luxury events. We will measure our success by happy clients, and how amazed and engaged their guests are to the décor and how we tie the client’s story to the design.


Our mission is to bind everything together so our guests will be amazed, engaged, and connected to the client’s vision, cultural views and story when they leave each of our events.

About Designer

Hi!  I am Danielle Lecorps, the designer behind these beautiful creations. I am on a mission to create perfectly balanced, luxurious, customized designs that amaze, engage, and connect event attendees with my clients’ vision and story.  I am passionate about crafting gorgeous arrangements and delivering world-class, personalized results that exceed my clients’ expectations and make guests very happy.  In this portfolio, you will find pictures of my work, including backdrops, wall-to-wall and ceiling draping, floral centerpieces of variable sizes and styles, large-scale floral designs, and balloon arrangements. 



AJ Jean

“Danielle Lecorps you had my attention when I saw that you turned just enough into something extraordinary. Being the recipient of this bouquet is one of the kindest things to me. I wish all the ones blessed in your future to receive your art will experience bliss… as I am”

Zuwa Edobor

Hey Danielle, i am sooo sorry for the delay. We have been running around like mad people. But thank you again sooo soo much for all the work you did. You and your team did a phenomenal job.


New York

41 Flatbush ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

F l o r i d a

7901 4th St N, STE 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA